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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Study guides

At this time of the year you are either in the middle of practise external exams, or are thinking of beggining to start working towards the end of year exams. Either way, you should be doing some sort of study. Below are the various companies, that I know of, in New Zealand that produce study guides and notes for use in secondary schools.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comStudyPass is a good place to start. This company offers a small range of 'study pass' notes. Basically, it is a years worth of material condensed into a couple of pages. These are particularly useful for revising and making notes with as they cover all the class content and show examples. Due to size contraints, the information is usually displayed and written in a straight forward manner. I highly recommend using these for studying, unfortunately not every subject is covered. Currently the only subjects on offer are; Year 11 Mathematics, Science, Economics and Year 12 Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Year 13 Statistics, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry. They retail at $10.95 each, or $8.50 each if 10 or more are purchased - all orders are delivered for free. However I would suggest you ask someone at school, such as your stationery shop assistant as usually schools can order them in cheaply.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comReally Useful Resources live up to their name! This company offer a large range of revision guides and subject books across all NCEA levels. I have only seen one of these personally and that was the Level 3 Statistics Revision Guide. I think it is amazing! I used to find it annoying that the back of my maths text book only gave me the answer, but not how to work it out. Problem solved - RUR Revision Guides include NCEA questions from all acheivement standards in the subject of interest and include answers which show working as well. I struggle at Statistics, but this book helps me figure out how to answer all the questions.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comProbably the most well known of all study guides is the ESA Publications range. This includes all the 'Start Right Workbooks', 'ESA Study Guides' and 'AME Workbooks'. The ESA Study Guides comprehensively cover all the NCEA exam questions and standards for your topic of choice and provide practise questions, as well as possible answers and essays. ESA offer the widest range I have seen so make sure that you check out their catalogue to find all the books and guides you can for the subject that you want.

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Each company offers different ways of purchasing their products as well as different discounts. Before you purchase anything, find out whether your school can buy them for you, buy them cheaper for you, or failing that, how much it would cost to buy them directly from the company. Alternatively, you can check out TradeMe. Occasionaly these books are for sale on there, but of course are second hand and possibly out of date.

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