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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Film studies

At school I take Media Studies and English, as well as a bunch of other classes. In each of these classes we have done a film study of sorts, and the great thing about the internet is that you can find all sorts of information about the films you are studying.

The first stop for anything regarding films, or TV shows for that matter, is the Internet Movie Database or IMDb. The IMDb is the place to go to if you need information on anything regarding the film industry. On the front page there is film news, trivia, quizes and recent releases. If you are looking for information on a film, simply search the IMDb website and a list of possible matches are displayed depending on what title you typed in. When you click on the film you want, a vast amount of information is displayed. Everything from the movie poster and tag line, to characters and actors, film soundtrack, goofs, and trivia. Clicking on anything that is underlined will take you to other films and TV shows that are connected by means of theme, song, director, actor, character, reference, to the film you are searching. Register with IMDb and you can participate in the IMDb poll and post in the forum. This really is the place to go, and this blog post is not doing it justice. You must go and view this site. Not only is it great for school, but I find myself going onto to it whenever I watch a film to see who was in what else, and reading any trivia that might be available.

Some information will not be available on IMDb such as film themes and similar information you need when studying a film in school. To remedy this, try posting in the films forum on IMDb, or better yet - Google it! You will be surprised with what you will find.

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